[Is it fat to eat red dates with my aunt]_Red dates_Physiological period_Fat

[Is it fat to eat red dates with my aunt]_Red dates_Physiological period_Fat

Normally healthy women will have big aunts every month. Some women have a large amount of aunts, and there will be certain scale symptoms, so many women will choose to supplement blood through diet during menstruation. The first thing to think about red dates is to use red dates as blood.Artifacts, indeed, have good blood replenishment, but many women will worry about whether they will gain weight when they eat red dates during their auntie period.

Jujube was called “woody grain” in the past, and it is a natural nutritious food with high nutritional value.

In Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming dynasty, it is pointed out that red dates treat abdominal qi, flat stomach qi, and pass nine techniques to help the twelve meridians; supplement less air, less fluid, and lack of body;Medicine, blood and blood pressure, kidney and brain.

“Hua Pu’s student Wu Pu also said:” Jujube mainly reconciles, has a good temper, makes people look good, and is not old-fashioned. ”

Jujube can be described as “the crown of 100 fruits.

“Eating red dates during menstruation will not cause weight gain, but not every woman is suitable for eating red dates to replenish blood during menstruation.

The following four categories of women are best not to eat red dates during menstruation.

The first category: Women who often have bloating avoid stagnation of wetness, and the more they can eat, the more bloating they can’t improve.

The second category: women who are prone to edema Some girls are prone to swollen eyes or feet, which is a sign of wet weight.

Jujube has a sweet taste, and it is easy to get sputum and wet when you eat more. The situation of edema caused by water accumulation in the body is more serious.

Therefore, women who are prone to edema should not eat red dates during menstruation.

The third category: women with a hot physique who eat hot red dates during menstruation tend to cause excessive menstrual flow, eat less red dates and drink less red dates. This is where girls with hot physiques should pay attention during menstruation.

The fourth category: women with high blood sugar have high sugar content. Women with high blood sugar are not suitable to eat red dates, whether they are usually or during menstruation.

Jujube is a treasure, and eating it at the right time can bring out its effectiveness.