[Duck and chicken are more nutritious]_How to eat_How to eat

[Duck and chicken are more nutritious]_How to eat_How to eat

In life, many people especially like to eat chicken and duck meat. Chicken and duck meat are also two kinds of common foods in poultry, and the taste of these two kinds of meat is different, but the nutritional value of the soupThe nutritional value of these two families is particularly high, and both are nutritious foods, which are especially suitable for those who are weak. So which one is better for chicken and duck?

From a modern medical point of view, chickens and ducks are poultry foods, which are composed of protein, trace amounts, vitamins, inorganic salts and other nutritional ingredients. Although some aspects are different, the overall difference is not much.

Therefore, if you ask these questions to Western medicine, the answer is probably: “Nothing, you can eat.

“It may also be because there is more protein in the chicken, and less in the few, which may be biased towards eating more chicken.

However, from a dialectical point of view of Chinese medicine, the sexuality and function of these two types of poultry are different.

Chinese medicine believes that chickens are warm and sweet.

It functions moderately, nourishing qi, and tonic.

Therefore, chicken is a good nourishing food.

A book dedicated to dietary therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Suixiju diet profile” records: “Chicken tonic, warm stomach, strong bones and bones, promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, stop collapsing bands (treating menses and leucorrhea), and urinate frequently.

Chicken and duck meat are at least nutritious, so chicken eats more kidney, “so clinically, you can use deafness, deafness, excessive nocturia, and weak bones.

Especially in Jiangxi, a kind of black-bone chicken produced in rural Anhui, the total medicinal value is mostly used to regulate menstruation and stop the collapse (excessive menstruation or prolonged time, dripping unclean).

The famous gynecological medicine “Wuji Baifeng Pill” is made with silk bone chicken as the main medicine, which can treat menstrual disorders and anemia.

However, for people who have hyperactivity of liver yang, such as those who often have dizziness, headache, and elevated blood pressure; or have internal movement of liver wind, such as hands and toes, convulsions from time to time, lip numbness, and those who have aura in strokes cannot eat chicken, especiallyIt is chicken head, chicken feet, chicken wings, Chinese medicine believes that it can produce sputum, help fire, move the wind, and even not eat.

Regarding whether cancer patients can eat chicken, there are still transformations. Some people think that it is not appropriate to eat chicken, and some people think it is not harmful.

My opinion is rather not to eat, because the tumor is qi stagnation, blood stasis, sputum condensation, chicken can produce sputum, help fire, may be harmful to the tumor, eat duck or goose instead.

Duck is flat or cold, sweet and salty, nourishing yin and tonic, diuretic and swelling.

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Duck, waterfowl too.

For urination of water conservancy, male ducks should be used for urination, and white ducks for black bones should be used for treatment of toxins and fever.

“So people with edema and heat inside Yin are more suitable to eat ducks.

Especially when feeding duck with Cordyceps sinensis, the mechanism of action and its unique flavor are famous dishes.